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Emilon's Privacy Policy

Last updated Sep 8, 2022

This Privacy Policy describes how The Insight Company (2018) Ltd. (“Emilon”), use and protect the data that you provide when using our services. This Privacy Policy is directly related to the Emilon Terms of Service

Emilon is designed from the ground up with data transparency and fair use in mind. In short, we will never share or sell your data to a third party without your direct and timely consent. We do not use your data for advertising or sell it to third-parties. 

What data we collect and how we use it

User data

There are certain types of information we require in order to sign you into the Emilon system, and allow you to log in safely. These include your chosen user name (it doesn’t have to be your real name and you can change it at any time), email, and phone number. You can also add a profile image if you choose. When logging in using a mobile message, we might also ask for your location in order to send a login code to your phone.

Your chosen user name and profile image (if you added one) will be shown to others in chats and groups so they can identify you. Your phone number will be visible to Admin users in any group you are subscribed to. Contact information will not be shared with any other user or third party without your direct and timely consent. 

We will only use your email address and phone number for login or account recovery purposes, as well as sending important notifications (such as updates to this privacy policy). We will never send you advertising, marketing, or badger you about logging back into the system. 

Your contacts

There are instances where the Emilon system might ask for access to your phone’s contacts address book. This will only happen when you specifically ask to invite others using your contacts, or to update their information so we can display it to you in our system (their profile image, or phone number for example). This information will not be shared with anyone else, and we will not use it for any other purpose.

Payment information

If you use the Emilon system in a way that requires payment, you will be asked to supply your payment details in order to complete the transaction. Emilon (The Insight Company (2018) Ltd.) does not process or store your payment information. When making a payment, payment information will go directly to a third party payment provider for processing. Your details will at no point be kept on our servers.

Payment providers are completely separate from Emilon. Your transaction will be subject to their separate terms of service and privacy policies. If you save your credit card information, it will be saved on the payment provider’s servers and Emilon will be given a ‘Token’ so that you can use payments easily in the future. We have no way of reconstructing your payment information or credit card details from this Token. 

You can erase all of your information from the Emilon system at any time. Doing so will also erase your payment token as well. 

Payment disputes

As mentioned above, Emilon does not process payments or financial transactions, nor does it hold or manage payment details. It is for this reason that Emilon can not handle cashbacks, complaints, or disputes with regard to payments. Any such issues are the responsibility of the payment providers that participate in the exchange, based on their own terms of service. 

Your content

Emilon is a social app that includes interaction with others in groups, chats, and widgets. This means you have the ability to post text, images, video, and other data as you see fit (your content). 

In free groups (groups without widgets and storage), all of your data will be kept on your own device or storage system, and the devices of others in your groups, and might only be held in our servers temporarily as it is being delivered to those with whom you share it. This data will be encrypted on both ends, so that no one other than you and your other group members can understand it without the encryption key. Not even us. 

Content you post in a certain group will be shared with everyone in that group, and you will have the ability to erase every message from view, whenever you choose. We won’t keep any of your content or share it with anyone else without your direct consent. 

In paid groups (groups with widgets and storage), your content will be kept on our servers as part of the backup services we provide. All of your data will be encrypted. Though your content is kept on our servers, it will only be shared at your discretion. Content you post in a certain group will be shared with everyone in that group, and you will have the ability to erase every (and all) messages from view, whenever you choose. 

We will never share your content with third parties without your direct and timely consent (see Widgets exceptions below). We don’t run algorithms on your content to learn about your habits or how to better advertise to you. That’s the whole point of Emilon. It’s how we roll.  


Emilon has an API that allows third-party developers to create widgets for Emilon groups. Widgets are applications that can offer services or features to a specific group. They are what make Emilon so versatile. 

Once connected to a group, Widgets might have access to the following information:

  • Your general user data (username, and profile image).

  • If you click a link or button a widget has provided, it might be able to determine your IP address. 

  • Any information you offer within the Widget itself (not in the chat but in the widget interface found by tapping the Widget icon). 

  • If the group admin has approved it, Widgets might be able to access general messages sent within the group. 

General information

Emilon might collect general information on how our users interact with our system. This might include which device types our system is used on, how often certain parts of the system are interacted with, and so on.

This data is never gathered with personal information but as general statistical information across many users. We use this information to make Emilon better.

Knowing which devices our customers use, for example, allows us to optimize our system to those devices. Knowing which pages customers tend to use allows us to know what we're doing well and what we can do better. 

Children under 13

The Emilon system should be used only by persons above 13 years of age. 

Children under the age of 13 will only be allowed to use the system with direct parental approval and supervision. If you are below this age (or below the minimum required age in your country or region), please do not use our system or use our parental supervision option.

Erasing your data

You are in full control of the information you share. You can erase your account and all of its information at any time in the Data Settings page of the Emilon system (you can find it in the user menu at the top left of the screen). If you choose to erase all of your data, every piece of information your account has ever posted in the Emilon system will be removed from our servers. Neither we nor anyone else will have access to your erased data on the Emilon system.  

Who might see your data

All of the data you might share or post on the Emilon system can be shared with others, under certain circumstances. 

Other Emilon users

As you join groups on Emilon, your profile information (user name and image if selected) and anything you post in the group or connected widgets might be shared with all other members of that group. Your phone number will be shared with the Admins of any group in which you are a member. By agreeing to these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you are actively instructing us to facilitate the transfer of this information to others in this way. Other Emilon users might live in other countries or regions, or access Emilon from different devices or platforms. 


As widgets are added to a group you are subscribed to, either by you or a different group admin, certain information will be shared with them. Widgets might, with admin approval, be able to read messages posted in the group. They might also request certain other types of information from you directly at any point. 

Some widgets are created by us, while others are created by third parties. We require all third party widgets to have their own terms of service and privacy policy. Interacting with third party widgets should be done at your own risk. 

Law enforcement

Emilon will cooperate with law enforcement and relinquish information whenever ordered to do so by a relevant court order. 

Any other questions

We are here to answer any questions you might have about our services. You can read about our Terms of Service at any time or contact us in the “Help” section in the main menu of the Emilon app. You can also visit our Fees and Payments page to learn more about our pricing. 

The Insight Company (2018) Ltd. is based in Parod, Israel. 

You can contact us for any reason at

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